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Comprehensive landlord guide with links to listings.
Approximately 50-54 pages.

Landlord Links

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Connect directly to listings by owners

  • 100% no fee, 100% no fee, 100% no fee (worth repeating, like a mantra).
  • Listings continuously updated by landlords. No expiration date.
  • See apartments before they hit the market.
  • Best tips to help you beat the competition. Prepare the right way.
  • Comprehensive guide (inside scoop on what landlords really want).

  • Never pay a broker fee again

    "I purchased Kirby Sommers' Landlord Links and let me tell you all the information she provides in one resource is a bargain." -Sam Chen

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    You May Need

    MTA Trip Planner
    How to get there from here

    New York City train, bus, and other transportation services
    Dial 511

    NYC Schools
    Guide to New York City schools

    Neighborhood Crime Statistics
    Find your police precinct and see crime statistics


    Brooklyn's ever-changing skyline.

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