Apartment Layouts in NYC

The following are descriptions of different apartment layouts in the New York City. Apartments (unlike rooms for rent) always include a kitchen and a bathroom.

Studio - One room with kitchen (or kitchenette) and a bathroom. Known elsewhere as 'efficiency'.

Alcove Studio - Studio apartment with a distinct, visually separate area for sleeping. Usually 'L' shaped. More common in Doorman buildings.

Two Room Studio - Two rooms studio where kitchen is big enough to be used for dining. Also known as 'Junior One Bedroom'.

One Bedroom - Separate livingroon and bedroom spaces. Kitchen may be separate or a part of the living room (known as an "open kitchen").

Junior 4 - 'Almost four rooms'. Living, bedroom, kitchen and dining area. Found in luxury doorman buildings.

Convertible Two - Large one bedroom, usually with a dining area. Sometimes conversion creates a living with no windows in the living room. ('Converted Two bedroom' is different - it implies two bedrooms already exist).

Two Bedroom - Living room and two bedrooms.

Convertible Three - Large two bedroom apartment, usually with a dining area.

Classic Six - Very large two bedroom - living, two bedrooms, separate kitchen, a dining room and servant's bedroom. Found in luxury pre war buildings, mostly on Upper West and Upper East Side.

Three Bedroom - Living and three bedrooms. Three bedrooms and larger layouts are less common and always in high demand.Duplex – An apartment that has 2 floors joined by a staircase inside the apartment.

Loft – An open space apartment usually converted from commercial use to residential use.

Floor through (commonly referred to as a floor-thru) – An apartment that runs the whole floor of the building – from the front of the building to the back of the building (although not necessarily using the entire floor, most often it is one half of the entire floor).

Garden Apartment – Apartments with any time of outdoor space are highly sought after. They include: garden apartments, which tend to be on the ground level with a garden in the back. Other outdoor spaces are: terraces, balconies, juliette balconies, and shared rooftop terraces.

Penthouse – The top floor of a building and it usually has outdoor space.



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