When you start looking at places you will have a chance to ask questions to the landlord directly or a leasing agent. The following is a list of recommended questions for the prepared tenant.

Lease and Money

What is the monthly rent?
What is the total amount that I will need to move in?
  • What is the deposit that I will have to leave to secure the place and is it refundable?
  • Can I sublet the place?
  • Can I have roommates or additional roommates?
  • Do you have a penalty for late rent and if so what is it?
  • If I need to move is there a penalty if I break my lease?
  • When is the rent due?
  • If I decide to stay what are the terms for renewing the lease?

Unit availability

  • When is the apartment available? (A must ask because the lease start date may be different than the availability date).
  • When can I move in? (Really important because the lease start date may be different than the move-in date).
  • Is the unit currently occupied and when is the current tenant moving? (You need to know this in order to prepare for your move).

Pets, Utilities, and Amenities

  • Do you allow pets?
  • Do your charge a pet deposit and if so is it refundable?
  • Are there limitations on my pet?
  • Are any utilities included?
  • Which of the utilities am I responsible for?
  • Am I going to be responsible for any maintenance?
  • Is there laundry on the premises?
  • How is trash removal handled?
  • Are there any rules regarding parties, or quiet hours?

Additional questions you may want to ask

  • What modifications am I allowed to make to the apartment? (Painting, wall papering, installing shelves, hanging pictures, ect.)?
  • 24 hour number for maintenance emergencies? How fast can I expect for someone to respond to a maintenance problem?



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