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If you want eclectic, really sunny, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, open to walk ups, need a doorman, or absolutely can't live without a laundry in the building, this is where you'd say that to me.

My long form is out of order, please use this short form. We are working on the issue today.

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Who will be responsible for paying rent? (This may be applicable only to students). 

If you are going to need a guarantor, does that person make approximately 80x's the asking rent? (Example: If the rent is $3,000 per month, 80x's would be $240/k per year). Note: For shares -- couple or roommates -- combined salaries from more than one guarantor (usually parents/other) works.

If your financial situation is unique (bad credit, no guarantor, low income) please describe the *why* briefly.

Do you have a good credit history? If not, please be very specific about your situation. (This information helps us determine if we can help you find an apartment or not)

We specialize in helping renters, why do you feel you need some help in finding a great no fee apartment? (i.e., looking but not finding, have gone with brokers, but don't want to pay the broker's fee, or other?)

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