1. Kirby is a warrior for the under-served. Renters are under-served. She created LandlordLinks.Net in 2006 with only our Landlord Links: (no fee e-book guides). Apartment hunters who purchased them began to call her with requests for personalized help -- Kirby responded quickly by creating her highly sought after AptStar Program.

    We believe that you, the renter, should not have to pay outrageous broker fees. Rents are high enough in New York City. Kirby took on the rental industry over a decade ago and we have been on an epic ride ever since.

    An early AptStar client was completely in love with an apartment he had seen through a broker, and of course, it had a big 15% broker fee attached to it. Kirby had an idea: she knew the landlord owned a coffee shop just across the street from the coveted apartment.

    What did she do?

    She sent him to the owner's coffee shop, instructed him to have a cup of coffee at the counter, get on the phone, and complain about how difficult it is to find an apartment. This caught the attention of the landlord/coffee shop owner who then showed the very same apartment to our client. Her strategy helped him save thousands of dollars.

    Kirby created a way, via the AptStar Program, to solve individual rental problems. We love it! We love it as much as the very many people we have helped during the past decade.

    Kirby's lightbulb moment

    In 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, Kirby created Katrina Home Drive. A vehicle she used to help find new housing for displaced survivors. It was at this time she had an epiphany. If she could help people in other parts of the country, then she could help renters in New York City.

    Click on New York Times image below to read how helping Hurricane Katrina survivors became LandlordLinks.Net.


    AptStar: The Apartment Matchmaker (documentary)

    Tedx Talk: The Time I Was Featured on a Tedx Talk

    1. During the summer of 2015, via my AptStar Program, I helped a wonderful couple, Justin and Dahlia Constantine who were relocating from Washington, DC find their new apartment in New York City.

      Once they got settled Justin asked me if he could share my backstory with him for his upcoming Tedx Talk. The premise behind the Ted Talk platform is simple -- ideas worth sharing.

      The title of Justin's talk is 'You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are.' I was flattered and from my perspective didn't think I even remotely fit into the category of heroism on the battlefield. [Read More]



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