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Kirby Sommers is a real estate expert with over 20 years experience. She quickly became disenfranchised with how traditional brokerage firms and landlords placed the burden of broker fees onto renters. It wasn't fair and she knew she could find an alternative way to connect a renter with a better apartment and a better landlord while helping them also bypass hefty fees.

In 2006 she bucked tradition by creating the first (and to date, the only) vehicle where the tag along broker is removed from the rental transaction. By communicating information via text, email, and phone (or via information pdf files she calls 'Landlord Links') Kirby helps renters bypass broker fees (even hidden ones found in some no fee apartment listings).

She is truly a warrior for the under-served and continues to find creative ways to help renters whether they just need advice with a problem landlord or need to find a new home.

P.S. Kirby's lightbulb moment was during her housing effort (Katrina Home Drive) finding homes and other resources for displaced Katrina evacuees who migrated across all states within the United States. She had an epiphany and knew she could apply the lessons learned to help her fellow renters in New York City.

(On August 29, 2017 Kirby joined the rescue and relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. She has formed a new housing resource for displaced Harvey evacuees. It is called Harvey Home Drive.)




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