Why Choose Us

We believe the rental consumer is the most important person in the rental process. Traditional brokers place their commissions first. Landlords don't disclose information you need to know. And in the process your needs are often overlooked. It works differently here. We listen carefully to your unique desires and deliver what you want.



   When to Schedule

The best time to schedule your AptStar is 45-60 days in advance. Many apartments never hit the market (or stay there for more than 20 minutes). Most of my clients sign their leases 30-45 days before their move-in date. You want a competitive edge. (Late-comers are considered on a case by case basis). I accept clients on a first come, first serve basis.



   What AptStar Costs

The cost for AptStar is a modest amount. You pay for my time and for my expertise. More often than not you get this back in savings. Either in free rent, lowered rent or the fact that you've rented smarter. You will be able to live in your new apartment for years. Moving is expensive. Staying put is smarter. Paying a little now to save a lot later is also smart.



   How You Feel After AptStar

You're going to feel ecstatic. Happy. Chill. Groovy. Oh, and overjoyed.







New York

143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

   No Fee Rentals

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