Rent a better apartment.


   __________   Kirby Sommers, Founder/CEO

   __________   On Your Side.   

   Bypass broker fees.

   Not commission driven.

   See only *best* apartments.

   Tips to beat the competition.

   Help through lease signing.

   Find your apartment in *One Day*.

   Best rental experience, ever. Seriously.


   __________   AptStar in three steps.   


   __________   AptStar the better choice.   


   __________   AptStar: how we'll communicate.   

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I help you via phone, email, text. You'll receive info on where to get the keys to the front door of an apartment. No need for a tag-along broker.

   __________   AptStar pricing.   

You pay a modest amount now and save a bundle later. Smart move. Literally.


One-time cost = $1000

Additional person, guarantor or pet = $150 each

Get started $295 (pay balance later)

See what Whitney Thayne and Sean Talia, recent AptStar clients, have to say:

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   __________   AptStar best time to schedule.   


It is best to schedule your AptStar search as early as 45-60 days in advance of your desired move in date. The best apartments are the first to go. You will go see your top selected apartments approximately 30 days before your move in date.

Late requests (less than 30 days) considered on a case by case basis.

   __________   AptStar: how many apartments will I see?   

I give you the best 3-4 apartments on the market. No need to see 20. You save time and avoid making a rental mistake. I help you rent a better apartment.


   __________   What our clients are saying.   





   __________   Meet more of my happy clients.   

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