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With access to most apartments on the market I comb through each listing and give you best 4-6 picks.


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   Protect Yourself Against ID Theft

You never share your financial documents with anyone except for the landlord. I help you tweak to perfection so you can beat the completion, but I don't have access to your data.


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   See Apartments Curated Just For You

Receive best apartments picks. Go see them in one pre-selected day. Bypass broker fees, rent directly from a more responsive landlord, get a better apartment, and avoid stress.


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Legendary service. Exceptional value. Hand-holding included.


Kirby Sommers, Founder/CEO

● Real Estate expert for over 20 years
● Real estate consultant to developers since 1997
● Expert on indoor environmental issues since 2001
● Advocate for renters rights since 2001
● Founder/President Katrina Home Drive
● Disaster recovery specialist since 2005
● Author of Landlord Links e-guides since 2006
● President of Cornfeld Tenants Association

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