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  1. Q. How does the AptStar Program work?

    A. We work as a team. I remove the tag along broker and you contact the landlords directly. You and I communicate via phone, email and text. It's really personal and most of my clients become really good friends. Once I accept you I'm there for you every step of the way - even after you sign a lease (because there are still things you can do to make your new rental better).
  2. Q. What is the criteria you use to accept someone into your AptStar Program?

    A. I accept people who have a good "team work" attitude. The people I accept have the ability to look outside the box for new solutions. My clients work for the best companies such as Google, Facebook, Goldman, etc. However I've helped people from all walks of life with good credit or not so good. People who have rented before and those who are just starting out. As long as you're genuine and open to receiving help, I'm happy to help. However I only have a limited amount of time so I accept clients on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Q. Do you give me only no fee apartments or can you give me the same apartments brokers show for a fee?

    A. I have access to over 95% of all apartments on the market. So that with my help you can rent the same apartment a broker is showing for a 15% broker fee without having to pay that fee.
  4. Q. What's the advantage of using your AptStar vs working with a broker?

    A. There are many advantages of having me help you. First, I am not commission driven -- I am results driven. You end up with a better apartment with my assistance. Second, I know where there is money hiding in rental prices. When I help you the modest cost of my AptStar pays for itself multiple times over in savings.
  5. Q. How can you afford to charge me so little as compared to a traditional broker?

    A. A broker is paid by one person for the time he or she spends on showing 100 different people an apartment. This isn't renter friendly. I get paid for my time and for my expertise. My clients tell me that I offer a service which is far superior to the one offered by well known and prestigious real estate brokerages. What makes me different is I work only for you, am detail oriented and listen very carefully to your needs. For me, it's personal.
  6. Q. Why do I have to pay for your help via the AptStar Program in advance?

    A. In order to help you I have to make a substantial commitment of time and effort. You retain my services in the same manner you would retain an attorney. With my help you end up with a better apartment -- and you get back the modest cost of my AptStar in spades.
  7. Q. How many apartments will I have to choose from?

    A. I select the *best* apartments on the market for you. Some of my clients receive as little as 3 apartments while others may get 6. In order to give you the best apartments I sort through anywhere from 120 listings to as many as 200. Then I narrow that down to the best picks. You don't need to see 20 apartments that don't work, you only need to see the ones that will work.
  8. Q. What if I don't like any of the apartments you choose for me?

    A. This is a fair question. The only way someone might not *like* apartments chosen may be when someone doesn't know the reality of the New York City rental market. If you want many amenities such as a doorman it means it's going to cost much more than if you just want an elevator building. So if it is your first time renting in the city I make sure to teach you all about the different neighborhoods and help you make an informed decision so that you can get the most from your rental budget.
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