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  1. Q. How does the AptStar Program work?
  2. A. We work as a team. I remove the tag along broker and you contact the landlords directly. You and I communicate via phone, email and text. It's really personal and most of my clients become really good friends. Once I accept you I'm there for you every step of the way - even after you sign a lease (because there are still things you can do to make your rental experience better).
  3. Q. You appear to work only with people who work at the top companies in New York City. I don't fit into that category - will you help me?

    A. While it is true that most of my clients work for companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Google, Facebook, etc., I accept clients based on that person's ability to work well with me in a team effort. Good credit, not so good, small company, self employed, first time renter I'm happy to help you. I pride myself in finding innovative solutions tailored for your unique situation.
  4. Q. Do you give me only no fee apartments or can you give me the same apartments brokers show for a fee?

    A. I have access to over 95% of all apartments on the market. Meaning you get to see broker fee apartments and not have to pay a dime to the broker.
  5. Q. What's the advantage of using your AptStar vs working with a broker?

    A. Brokers charge a lot of money because of the time they spend showing people around. Many people look at apartments, very few actually rent an apartment that is shown by any particular broker. Meaning that the rental system is broken. Renters as a whole pay for time that other people spend. With my AptStar I fixed that. You pay me for the time (and experience) I bring to the table. You need to reserve that time. So that I only work with someone who is actually ready to rent and who doesn't want to deal with the many hassles that to date have been part of the rental process.
  6. Q. I have rented before and I always seem to have to call or email a broker numerous times. How will that be different with you and AptStar?

    A. From the moment we both say "It's a go!" to the day you sign your lease I am available to you. I am available to speak with you to answer any question you may have or just to give you a shoulder to cry on if you need one.
  7. Q. Why do I have to pay for your help via the AptStar Program in advance?

    A. This does two things: it ensures you do your part in achieving the goal of renting a better apartment. It also means I can set aside the time required to help you. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into each of my successful AptStars. Otherwise known as happy clients who refer their friends and then refer friends of friends and so on.
  8. Q. How many apartments will I have to choose from?

    A. I select the *best* apartments on the market for you. Some of my clients receive as little as 3 apartments while others may get 6. In order to give you the best apartments I sort through anywhere from 120 listings to as many as 200. Then I narrow that down to the best picks. You don't need to see 20 apartments that don't work, you only need to see the ones that will work.
  9. Q. I found you through an online search so I wasn't referred to you, what are the chances that you will accept me?

    A. While I do give preference to friends of people who have used my AptStar I always try to include new people. I have a unique tribe and I am not offering AptStar to the masses. But if you have found me and I believe what you are asking me for is doable, chances are it's a yes.
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