Part I. Landlord Links (Our DIY option):

  1. Q. What exactly are Landlord Links?
  2. A. Landlord Links are landlord and management company directories. Think Zagat for landlords. Included with Landlord Links you will find incredibly useful insider tips and advice. Stuff even seasoned renters need to know.
    1. Q. How do I access a landlord or a management companys listings?
    2. A. Included with landlord and management company access information are links to their websites and their updated listings. Most landlords update their pages every day. Not every landlord has a website. However, with Landlord Links you will have their contact information, and can call to get their updated information.
      1. Q. Do Landlord Links have the same apartments shown by brokers?
      2. A. Absolutely. You will see the same apartments brokers are advertising and for which they are charging anywhere from one month to 15% broker fee. By renting directly with the owner (or management company) you will be able to rent the apartment no fee.
        1. Q. What is the difference between "no fee" and "fee" apartments?
        2. A. There is more to this question than a simple "go with a broker and pay a fee," or rent from a "no fee" building. The tenant pays a fee every time. Many management companies will inflate their asking rent to accommodate a one-month broker fee. If you have stellar credit, phenomenal income, glowing landlord references there are ways you might be able to get the asking price down in these hidden fee situations. *More advice in Landlord Links.

        3. Part II. AptStar (Kirby's handholding service):

          1. Q. How does the AptStar Program work?
          2. A. We work as a team. I remove the tag along broker and you contact the landlords directly. You and I communicate via phone, email and text. It's really personal and most of my clients become really good friends. Once I accept you I'm there for you every step of the way - even after you sign a lease (because there are still things you can do to make your rental experience better).
          3. Q. You appear to work only with people who work at the top companies in New York City. I don't fit into that category - will you help me?

            A. While it is true that most of my clients work for companies like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Google, Facebook, etc., I accept clients based on chemistry. If I feel you will work well with me and that you will see apartments selected for you in a timely manner -- then you're good. Whether you are self-employed, are a first time renter, or have a specific issue that has kept you from renting previously -- I will help you. No two people ever have the same needs. Every AptStar is tailored to fit just you.
          4. Q. How do you have access to almost every listing?

            A. Having been in the industry for over a decade and with my deep desire to help the rental consumer I will blast through almost any broker listing and get my client to the landlord directly. I am prepared to help my clients by delivering what I consider the "killer combination" of a high-quality service with an ability to price aggressively. That is my secret sauce, if you will.
          5. Q. What's the advantage of using your AptStar vs working with a broker?

            A. There are many reasons. I will try to address the most overlooked here:

            1) When you work with an agent or a broker that person is an intermediary between you and the landlord. In some cases the landlord or management company may not like the person or company and will reject an offer based on them, not you. When I help you via my AptStar you present yourself directly to the landlord. This results in a "yes" to you and less baggage/paperwork for the landlord/management company.

            2) When you work with an agent or a broker that person is heavily invested in making a commission. There is no incentive to him or her to tell you that the apartment you are viewing has a rodent infestation (or they may not even bother or find out). When I help you I do my best to find every possible thing in the history of the landlord and the building so that you rent a better apartment. A broker or an agent may only want one deal from you. I want you to call me, say three years from now, when you want an upgrade. I want you to tell your friends. It is referrals that I owe my longevity to -- and it's wonderful to hear someone say: "You helped so and so and I want you to help me too."

            3) Financial Documents. When you work with an agent or a broker your financial documents are not secure. This increases the likelihood of ID theft. When I help you the only person who actually sees this highly personal information is the landlord at the time you submit an application. I will make suggestions to you and I will ask questions in order to help you prepare a knock-out financial package - but I will never ask to see your information.
          6. Q. I have rented before and I see "no fee" ads - what is the advantage of having you help me?

            A. Many. But I will stick to some glaring reasons (from my vantage point). You will never know 1) if there is money "hiding" in that "no fee" rental; 2) or if there are problems with the landlord; 3) or problems with the apartment itself. (Even newly renovated apartments have issues you may only uncover *after* you move in). My role is to ensure you rent smart. Renting smart means transparency. I remove the veil, if you will, so that you get the best deal and the better apartment. Moving is expensive. When I help you the need to move again next year drops to almost zero.
          7. Q. Why do I have to pay for your help via the AptStar Program in advance?

            A. You purchase a block of my time. This block of time also comes with my 20 plus years of experience. And I use this for your benefit. Not for the landlord, or a management company, but only for you. No one delivers the top notch goal specific service that I give my clients. Many people say to me once we get started: "The information I am learning from you is stuff I will use forever." Meaning, I suppose, that a little money spent now is a ton of money saved over and over again.
          8. Q. How many apartments will I have to choose from?

            A. I select the *best* apartments on the market for you. Some of my clients receive as little as three while others may receive six. In order to give you the best apartments I sort through anywhere from 120 listings to as many as 200. Then I narrow that down to the best picks. You don't need to see 20 apartments. You only need to see the best apartments.
          9. Q. What happens if I don't like the apartments you found for me?

            A. We believe every rental consumer deserves to work with someone they can trust. We help people rent a better apartment and offer the best possible service anywhere. We are so confident that you will have a better experience that we back our promise to you with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the apartments selected for you, we will work with you to make things right. We will run another search for you at no additional cost. You won't find that kind of promise or commitment to quality anywhere -- but you will find it here.



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