Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How does the AptStar Program work?

    A. We work as a team. I remove the tag along broker and you contact the landlords directly. I walk you through every step through lease signing.
  2. Q. Do you give me only no fee apartments or can you give me the same apartments brokers show for a fee?

    A. I have access to over 95% of all apartments on the market. So that with my help you can rent the same apartment a broker is showing for a 15% broker fee without having to pay that fee.
  3. Q. What's the advantage of using your AptStar vs working with a broker?

    A. There are many advantages of having me help you. First, I am not commission driven -- I am results driven. You end up with a better apartment with my assistance. Second, I know where there is money hiding in rental prices. Usually this money is given to brokers in *some* "no fee" rentals. I pass this on to you in the form of free or lowered rent. There are many more advantages, but the bottom line is using my AptStar saves you money.
  4. Q. How can you afford to charge me so little as compared to a traditional broker?

    A. A broker is paid by one person for the time he or she spends on showing 100 different people an apartment. This isn't renter friendly. I get paid for my time and for my expertise (over 20 years of real estate experience). Most of my clients tell me I don't charge enough for the service I provide -- as it is far superior to even the most prestigious real estate brokerages.
  5. Q. Why do I have to pay for your help via the AptStar Program in advance?

    A. In order to help you I have to make a substantial commitment of time and effort. You retain my services in the same manner you would retain an attorney. With my help you end up with a better apartment -- and get back the money it costs to hire me back in spades.
  6. Q. How many apartments will I have to choose from?

    A. I select the *best* apartments on the market for you. Some of my clients receive as little as 3 apartments while others may get 6. Remember I pre-sort through every listing removing the bad apple landlords and apartments. You're getting the best of what is available at the time you go see apartments. Every now and then an apartment search is so difficult that a client may only receive one apartment - and it is the perfect place.
  7. Q. What if I don't like any of the apartments you choose for me?

    A. Having access to most apartments on the market and selecting the best this doesn't happen. The only reason someone may not choose an apartment is because that person has decided, at the last minute, not to move.
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