LandlordLinks.Net has expanded.

We listened to you and added a new service to help you find smaller landlords and post
your own search ad. 
We couldn’t be more excited. You probably have some questions,
and luckily, we’ve got plenty of answers.

What exactly are Landlord Links?2018-10-21T13:36:59-05:00

Landlord Links are landlord and management company directories. Think Zagat for landlords. Included with Landlord Links you will find incredibly useful insider tips and advice. Stuff even seasoned renters need to know.

How do I access a landlord or a management company’s listings?2018-10-21T13:38:32-05:00

Included with landlord and management company access information are links to their websites and their updated listings. Most landlords update their pages every day. Not every landlord has a website, however, you can call and get their updated information.

Do Landlord Links have the same apartments shown by brokers?2018-10-21T11:54:36-05:00

Absolutely. You will see the same apartments brokers are advertising and for which they are charging anywhere from one month to 15% broker fee. By renting directly with the owner (or management company) you will be able to rent the apartment no fee.

What is the difference between “no fee” and “fee” apartments?2018-10-21T11:55:07-05:00

There is more to this question than a simple “go with a broker and pay a fee” or rent from a “no fee” building. The tenant pays a fee every time. Many management companies will inflate their asking rent to accommodate a one-month broker fee. If you have stellar credit, phenomenal income, glowing landlord references there are ways you might be able to get the asking price down in these hidden fee situations. *More advice in Landlord Links.

Some of the median rental prices are too high for my budget. Can I still find an affordable apartment using Landlord Links?2018-10-21T11:55:36-05:00

Landlord Links has the major landlords and management companies. Some of them charge less for their apartments than others. If your budget is above $2,000 then with some digging you will find an apartment if you select the right location.

Landlord Links seem to only have larger landlords. Where do I find smaller landlords?2018-10-21T11:55:57-05:00

Perfect question! In our new subscription service. We wanted to create a place for smaller landlords – say someone who owns one apartment or one building to post an ad for their space.

Who can post on your new subscription service?2018-10-21T11:56:20-05:00

Only people who have an apartment to rent (owners) or people looking to share an apartment or looking for a roommate. No broker ads are allowed. No apartment manager ads are allowed. No listings with fees are allowed. No third-party service is allowed.

Do I have to pay to subscribe to receive listings by smaller landlords?2018-10-21T11:56:48-05:00

No. The service is free to renters. You will receive it every week. There is no cost to receive the listings. However if you want to post there is a modest one time cost.

How do I know you received my listing?2018-10-21T11:57:20-05:00

Once you make payment you will receive an auto-reply. You will also receive an email from either Kirby Sommers or Robb Ackley informing you that your listing has been approved.

What if my listing is not approved?2018-10-21T11:57:49-05:00

If your listing is not approved you do not get a refund because it requires time and effort to read through it and contact you. Therefore, be very careful about what you post.

When does my listing expire?2018-10-21T11:58:16-05:00

Listings expire after one week. If you want to renew you will have to pay for another week.

I just signed up. Where is my link?2018-10-21T11:58:47-05:00

The most recent Listings for the week will be automatically sent to you when you sign up. Add listings@landlordlinks.net to your email address book to ensure receipt.

Why didn’t I get the listings this week?2018-10-21T11:59:44-05:00

Check your spam folder and make sure you’ve added listings@landlordlinks.net to your email address book. If you still have issues contact us at rentals@landlordlinks.net. On the subject line please write New Listings Not Received.

How much does it cost to post a listing?2018-10-21T12:00:16-05:00

It costs $35 per week if you post before our deadline. If you post after our deadline it will cost $75 or you can wait for the following week to post.

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