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Parameters: The Upper East Side is a bounded by Fifth Avenue and Central Park to the west, the East River to the east, 96th Street to the north and 59th Street to the south. The area incorporates several smaller neighborhoods, including Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville. The Upper East Side was also known as the Silk Stocking District because the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world live and still live along both Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue. “Silk Stockings” were once considered to be a symbol of opulence and class because only the very wealthy could afford to buy them.

Our unique perspective of the Upper East Side neighborhood to be continued…

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Local Subway Stops

  • 46596 St
  • 46586 St
  • 46577 St
  • 46559 St
  • 46568 St - Hunter College
  • FLexington Av/63 St
  • RNQLexington Av/59 St

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