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"To say that Kirby Sommers has impeccable customer service is an understatement. We had numerous phone calls every step of the way. She matched us exactly to the types of apartments we wanted. Kirby truly cares about finding you a home and not just an apartment."
-Justin and Dahlia Constantine (with Michelle and President Barack Obama)

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"I got the most amazing gem of an apartment and I refer friends to your service. Landlord Links provides clear and accurate information which is exactly what apartment hunters need." -Jonas Sondergard Pedersen

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"Reality tip: Go to Craigslist. Find fake apartment. Call owner. Find out it's a broker. Scream. Wait one minute and do it again." Excerpt from Every Renter's Survival Guide.

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See possible red flags to help you make better informed decisions about where you want to live.


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Crime statistics to see if you are safe walking along at night.


New York City Stats at a Glance.

Snapshot picture of New York City by income, rental apartments + more.


Find out if there is a rat infestation by address.




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