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LandlordLinks.Net was founded in 2006 by Kirby Sommers to empower the rental consumer. By eliminating the tag along broker we have been able to save you, the rental consumer, thousands of dollars and hundreds of search hours. We also help you make a smarter decision and rent a better apartment. Want better, faster, cheaper? You're in the right place.



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How one client bypassed the dreaded broker.

An AptStar client was completely in love with an apartment he had seen through a broker, and of course, it had a big 15% broker fee attached to it. I knew the landlord owned a coffee shop...

I had an idea...

You got us views of the Empire State Building!

A couple from Chicago contacted me to have me help them find a great apartment since they were relocating to New York City. They wanted to wanted to save as much money as...

I had an idea...

A Dog's Life: 43 lbs and rejected by 2 landlords.

A bright scientist at NASA called me with what seemed to him an insurmountable problem. He has a 43lb dog and had been turned down by two landlords because of the weight of his dog...

I had an idea...

Landlord raised the rent and it was time to move to a larger space.

A portfolio manager at one of New York City's largest firms received his renewal lease and it had an extra couple of hundred dollars tacked onto it. He decided it was time to move...

I had an idea...

Works at Google and Needs to be Within Walking Distance.

A software engineer who works at Google's Chelsea 8th Avenue office spent a couple of days looking at subpar apartments with brokers. He then found me through a referral. "I'm...

I had an idea...

First Time Renter, No Guarantor, and Still Out of the Country!

A Dartmouth Master's Degree graduate with a job waiting for her in New York City, wanted to avoid a bad rental experience and didn't want her first rental to be misguided by lack of...

I had an idea...



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I help you via phone, email, text. You'll receive info on where to get the keys to the front door of an apartment. No need for a tag-along broker.

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*Pricing may change depending on various factors: pets, guarantors, rental price. Receive a firm fixed quote after consultation. Get started with only $295.


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If you have a realistic rental price range in mind (meaning you can't ask for a $1,200 studio in the West Village), then let's talk. Please fill out my form here . I'll get back to you within 12-24 hours. I like working with a person or persons who are team players. I will find you the top best apartments, you go see them on your own (in one pre-selected day) and you will save a ton of money (and time).


   __________   Frequently Asked Questions.   

Q. What is the advantage of using your AptStar Program vs a traditional real estate broker?

A. Aside from helping you save on broker fees I am your advocate. I want you to rent a good apartment with a good landlord. Brokers just want a one-time deal.

Q. How many apartments will I go see?

A. You receive the best 3-4 apartments that match your criteria. You don't need to see 20 that don't.

Q. When do I have to schedule your help?

A. It is best to contact me 45-60 days before your desired move-in date. *Anything later is decided on a case by case basis.

Q. What's the next step after you approve me for your AptStar?

A. The first step is to make sure all your documents are prepared. Only your new landlord at the time you apply for an apartment sees them. However, I make sure beat the competition (which is fierce).

Q. Will I see apartments brokers advertise for a broker fee?

A. Absolutely! Many of my clients have rented an apartment a broker is advertising with a fat broker fee and hasn't had to pay any of that.

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Kirby Sommers addressing a crowd of renters at the Band Shell in Central Park in 2015.

  1. I'm a writer who grew up in New York City. I was a commercial real estate broker with a fancy office on Park Avenue. Just before Labor Day on 2005 I was about to embark on a much needed long weekend when Hurricane Katrina hit the Golf Coast. The moment I walked into my apartment on Wednesday, August 29th I tuned in to watch the news. Images of stranded Katrina victims with haunting looks of despair immediately made me want to help. That night from my livingroom floor, armed with a computer and a phone, I created what was to become known as Katrina Home Drive. With the help of volunteers across the country we helped to find new homes and resources for thousands of survivors.

    It didn't take me long to realize that renters in New York City were in need of help too. And so I started Landlord Links (which can still be found here). These became the first landlord directories with links to landlord websites (where renters could bypass broker fees). Landlord Links paved the way for my AptStar Program -- which I continue to do. I have created a life for myself where I help people. And I love it.




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