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We help renters in New York City bypass broker fees and rent better apartments through the effective use of our proprietary database. We offer two options to help you: our DIY Landlord Links and AptStar offering you a personalized stress-free rental experience.


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Founded in 2006 by Kirby Sommers we created two options for rental consumers to find good apartments without paying broker fees. One is our DIY Landlord Links; the other is our AptStar Program. We believe the rental consumer is the most important person in the rental process. Traditional brokers place their commissions first. Landlords don't disclose information about problem properties. We've bucked tradition by educating, you, the rental consumer and are dedicated to staying the course.

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Expand your reach with my access to almost every listing. You and I work as a team to achieve your specific goal. I provide you with expert guidance from the beginning through lease signing. I ensure you beat the competition, reduce your search time to one day, and help you bypass broker fees. With my help you'll rent a better apartment.




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Kirby Sommers addressing a crowd of renters at the Band Shell in Central Park in 2015.

  1. I'm a writer who grew up in New York City. I was a commercial real estate broker with a fancy office on Park Avenue. Just before Labor Day on 2005 I was about to embark on a much needed long weekend when Hurricane Katrina hit the Golf Coast. The moment I walked into my apartment on Wednesday, August 29th I tuned in to watch the news. Images of stranded Katrina victims with haunting looks of despair immediately made me want to help. That night from my livingroom floor, armed with a computer and a phone, I created what was to become known as Katrina Home Drive. With the help of volunteers across the country we helped to find new homes and resources for thousands of survivors.

    It didn't take me long to realize that renters in New York City were in need of help too. And so I started Landlord Links (which can still be found here). These became the first landlord directories with links to landlord websites (where renters could bypass broker fees). Landlord Links paved the way for my AptStar Program -- which I continue to do. I have created a life for myself where I help people. And I love it.



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