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Helping New Yorkers rent better apartments since 2006. Whether it's your 100th time renting or your first time, AptStar helps you rent a better apartment and saves you a ton of money. Handholding included.



Kirby Sommers, Founder

    Rent a better apartment.

   → Bypass broker fees and still access all apts.

   → Stop chasing brokers.

   → Stop chasing fake apartment listings.

   → See only best apartments.

   → Rent from a responsible landlord.

   → Rent a problem free apartment.

   → Preview, apply and get accepted in one day.

   → Save money, time and your sanity.


   __________   AptStar Case Studies.

How one client bypassed the dreaded broker.

An AptStar client was completely in love with an apartment he had seen through a broker, and of course, it had a big 15% broker fee attached to it...

I had an idea...

You got us views of the Empire State Building!

A couple from Chicago contacted me to have me help them find a great apartment since they were relocating to New York City. They wanted to wanted to save as much money as...

I had an idea...

A Dog's Life: 43 lbs and rejected by 2 landlords.

A bright scientist at NASA called me with what seemed to him an insurmountable problem. He has a 43lb dog and had been turned down by two landlords because of the weight of his dog...

I had an idea...

Landlord raised the rent - Time to Move!

A portfolio manager at one of New York City's largest firms received his renewal lease and it had an extra couple of hundred dollars tacked onto it. He decided it was time to move...

I had an idea...

Works at Google and Needs to be Within Walking Distance.

A software engineer who works at Google's Chelsea 8th Avenue office spent a couple of days looking at subpar apartments with brokers. He then found...

I had an idea...

First Time Renter, No Guarantor, and Still Out of the Country!

A Dartmouth Master's Degree graduate with a job waiting for her in New York City, wanted to avoid a bad rental experience and didn't want her first rental to be misguided by lack of...

I had an idea...

Whether you need a studio apartment just for yourself or a 3 bedroom for your family or roommate situation, you can rent a better apartment with my help.



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